Day 154- Epcot

It is a beautiful day; a little windy and cool, but beautiful! We are heading for Epcot today. It has been busy this weekend and we are hoping that Epcot is less crowded than the other parks. As we get to the parking lot, we realize it is going to be very busy. We hop on the tram and head for the park. We get our bags checked and wait in line to scan our MagicBands.

As we get into the park, we can already see how busy today is going to be. We get close to Spaceship Earth where we can see that the line and wait time is really long. Even the Fastpass+ line is rather long today. We walk around the walkway and carefully make our way through the crowds of people.

I think we will drop into the Artist Shop. It is so beautiful to walk into the shop and see the talent that goes into each of these creations. From the sculptures to the paintings, there are so many beautiful things to see here!

Now we are off to Starbucks to get coffee and tea to take with us as we make our way around the World Showcase. As we walk toward the World Showcase Lagoon, see the flowers that are being laid for the Epcot International Flower and Garden Festival! I cannot wait! I love seeing the artistry that is put into all of these lush gardens. We walk on around and stop in France to see the beautiful design of the shrubs. I love these. Twinkie stops to get a picture, and then we see that there is a quiet place in France to sit. On the way, I must stop in and see what is new in Guerlain. As we exit, we sit where we can watch the Friendship boats as they come and go. There is a quiet serenity in this spot. I look up just as a lady is taking a picture of us. I realize by her expression that she recognized my kids from being on the Steve Harvey Show.

We sit for a few more minutes and soon, two men who work on the Friendship boats walk by. We realize that the sun is beginning to set and it is getting really chilly fast! It has been so peaceful here sitting and watching the boats come and go, but we must head out before the temperatures drop. It will be chilly tonight! As we are leaving, we can see the different areas being prepped for the Flower and Garden Festival! I am so excited to see how beautiful all of the flowers will look in the next few days!  

It has been a fun visit, and I am so happy to see all of the new flowers!

Day 153- Animal Kingdom & the Tree of Life

Today is beautiful! There’s not a cloud in the sky. It’s a bit chilly today, but the breeze is soft. It is 63 degrees and the sun is so bright! I think we will head for Animal Kingdom on this perfect day. As we get to the entrance for parking, I am surprised that there are 3 cars in each of the lines. We get through the parking entrance and notice that the parking lots are full.

As we get around the long driveway, we see that they are parking in an area that has not been used on any of the days that we’ve come these past few months. Soon, I realize that all of the parking is almost full! We park and walk to the entrance. We get our bags checked, scan our MagicBands, and enter into the main gates. Tonight Animal Kingdom is open until 8:00 P.M.

We go around the Oasis where there are many animals that you can watch. It is so cool to see the unusual birds and animals. It is beautifully green as you walk up the walkway. We walk across the bridge to Discovery Island, and that is when we notice the amazing amount of people who are here today.

One of our quests today is to see the new additions to the Tree of Life! We heard that they had finished the new carvings and I can hardly wait to get to see them! As we approach the area in front of the Tree of Life, it is bustling with people taking turns getting pictures in the midst of these new “roots.” They are fabulous! The detail in the deer and its antlers are so wonderful. There are several animals, including an elephant, a buffalo, and even a Komodo dragon! It is amazing and the detail is fabulous.

We tried to get some Fastpass+ before we came, but now that we are here, I can see why the attractions we were interested in didn’t have any availability today. It is the busiest I have seen Animal Kingdom! We checked wait times, and they are all very busy,

The next stop for us is coffee at the Royal Anandapur Tea Company. The line is very long, but it will be worth the wait. We order the Cupid’s Kiss, an espresso drink with milk, chocolate, caramel, and coconut, topped with whipped cream. It was amazing! Oh, Happy Valentine’s Day!

After we get our coffees, we walk over to Expedition Everest: Legend of the Forbidden Mountain, where we find a nice bench to sit on and drink coffee as we watch the roller coaster speed by.

We had not talked to very many people today. It seems that everyone has been busy and focused. But then, a young mom and her little one sat near us. The little one was having a meltdown since she was too little to ride Expedition Everest. I said, “Hi, I love your sweater!” and the little one got quiet as she munched on her Mickey Ice Cream Bar. Soon, she was happily talking, telling us all about her dad and brother riding Expedition Everest. She was so cute! We soon said our goodbyes and she was smiling.

We went around past Finding Nemo the Musical. A little ways down the path, you can find DinoLand USA. It is a fun place for kid’s rides, but we will stay to the right and continue around.

There are still so many people everywhere we go. I am just amazed. We are choosing to search for pins to see if there are some we want to trade. Soon, we find that we can go back toward the Oasis and search for pins near the entrance. So, we turn that way and make it to the front of Animal Kingdom.

As we are leaving, it seems that there are almost as many people coming into the park as there are leaving. It is busy, but so much fun. We figure out that it is perfect timing for us to go home since the sun is going down and the wind is kicking up. It is getting chilly really fast! Goodnight, Animal Kingdom, it has been a good afternoon!

Day 152- Hollywood Studios

Today is absolutely beautiful! We are off to enjoy the weather and Hollywood Studios! We get to the parking lot and park close enough to walk to the front entrance. There is a soft, lightly busy bustle as people are coming and going. We get our bags checked and our MagicBands scanned. The security guard mentions to us that when the sun goes down, it will get chilly fast. What a nice tip for later!

The sunshine is so pretty bouncing off of the Art Deco-inspired buildings on Hollywood Boulevard. The beautiful buildings on this street are so amazing. It is like you are transported back in time!

We get pictures of the progress as Mickey’s Sorcerer’s hat is being dismantled. I am excited to see the changes coming to Hollywood Studios, and it will be nice to be able to see The Great Movie Ride from down the street!

Now, time for coffee at the Trolley Car Café! It is so nice to have Starbucks Coffee here in such a fun and amazing building. It is worth stopping in for a moment to see the interior of the building; it is full of so much detail of that era and decorated like a trolley station! I love the display full of cupcakes, sandwiches, and other goodies! We meet the mom and daughter in front of us. They are on a mother/daughter trip and are having a wonderful time! The mom asked us if we were on a mother/daughters trip. I smiled and said that we were having a great time here at Disney, it is so much fun!

We got our coffee and were off to find a place to sit for a few minutes. We chose to go to tables near the vintage looking ship at Min and Bill’s Dockside Diner. Today is a bit chilly, so hot coffees and chai teas are perfect.

After a few minutes, we finish our coffee, and stop in to Keystone Clothiers to check on a Minnie Mouse scarf. We see the beautiful Minnie Mouse items they are carrying this season. There are so many cute purses, clothes, and scarves, but not the particular one that I am thinking of getting. While we are in the store, the kids do some pin trading.

I think we are going to call it a fast trip. The sun is beginning to set, and the wind is picking up, so it is getting cold quickly. We walk out to our car and enjoy the last bit of sunlight for the day. We had a blast at Hollywood Studios today!

Day 151- Magic Kingdom & Maya Grill at Coronado Springs

The sun is shining and the sky is so blue. It is a wonderful day to go to Magic Kingdom! We park and catch the tram to the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there, we decide to take the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom. It is beautiful be on the water and see all of the boats on the Seven Seas Lagoon!

There is a couple standing beside us, near the exit, and I ask them if this is a race to get off of the boat. The husband laughed and said that I would beat him since his scooter is slow! His wife was just laughing and we had a fun chat. Then, one of the skippers joined in and soon, the two men were talking as we disembarked.

We got our bags checked and our MagicBands scanned as we entered into the park. The Festival of Fantasy Parade is coming around Town Square, and Maleficent’s fire-breathing dragon is right there as we walk into the park. As I listen to the music, I look up as the dragon raises her head and literally breathes fire! I stop to get a picture with Goofy; he is so perfectly posed as we sit together on the iron bench. Then, we continue to walk as Mickey and Minnie Mouse round the corner of Main Street USA by the Main Street Confectionary.

The line at Starbucks is not very long, and we soon have our coffees. We walk past the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I love this place; there are so many beautifully crafted ice cream masterpieces. We see a table nearby and take a minute to sit and drink our coffee. We enjoy seeing the new construction for the “hub.” I cannot wait to see it finished! It will help with the massive amount of traffic that moves through the area in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and should provide more areas for watching fireworks. The hub is looking very nice, and it will open up the area greatly.

Now, we are off to Pinocchio Village Haus. We still have our coffees, seems the area we were in closes in the afternoon to set up for the Wishes Dessert Party tonight. When we arrive at Pinocchio Village Haus, we see that the balcony outside is open today! We have watched for a while and have not seen it available for seating! It is so cute up there and such a quiet spot in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Soon, we finish our coffees and are off to do some pin trading! I got a couple of really cool pins today. The kids got several fun ones, and some we have not seen before! We started here, in front of Pinocchio Village Haus, and then made our way toward Main Street USA. I love trading pins and love the interaction between cast members and pin traders.

The Move It! Shake It! Dance It! Play It! Dance Party is in full swing as we near the front of Cinderella’s Castle. I can hear the music and see the conga line full of young and old alike!

As we make our way back up to the park entrance I notice how beautiful the buildings on Main Street USA are as the sun hits them. We have dinner reservations for Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort this evening.

The Monorail traffic was being redirected to the ferryboat when we left. As we walk to the ferry, we see that is one just leaving, and soon another ferry arrives. We board and move to the front of the boat. It is a wonderful evening, though a bit chilly as we boarded, so I put my coat on. When the sun goes down, it quickly gets chilly here!

We walk to the car and head over to Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to eat. Their gluten free options are wonderful! We love the option to have potato chips (from Pepper Market) instead of corn chips and hot sauce. We found this out since Twinkie can’t have corn, and they were very accommodating when we asked if it was possible to get potato chips instead. We get the green tortilla soup, and Twinkie gets it without the tortilla chips. It is so very good. I love the way it is served. Tonight we are also having the chicken fajitas. Oh, my! These are perfectly amazing! The flavors are over the top, and so amazingly blended. The grilled vegetables include peppers and onions, and to replace the corn on the side, the chef prepares grilled vegetables and broccoli. The rice is very full of flavor and yet subtle. This is a definite keeper on our list of amazing food! I know their desserts are wonderful, but we’ve had plenty to eat tonight!

We head for the gift shop to see if there are some pins on their pin piñata we might want to trade. Plus, we end up looking at the antenna toppers. There is a Buzz Lightyear that needs a home! We buy him and are on our way. It has been a very different day, we met so many fun people and now, it is time to say goodnight.

Day 150- Magic Kingdom & SpaceX

Today is a beautiful day! We see so many ibis and turkeys walking along the road near Magic Kingdom. I love the wildlife! Sometimes we can see deer blending into the landscape. It is absolutely beautiful day! As we leave the house, it says it is 65 degrees and feels like 71; that is going to be perfect.

We arrive at the Transportation and Ticket Center, park, and catch the tram to the Monorail. There are several fun people on the tram. We reach the drop off point and walk to the Monorail. It is fairly busy and the Monorail is full as we take off to Magic Kingdom. We do have one stop at the Contemporary Resort on the way today.

As we walk to the entrance, I hear a family talking about the Flag Retreat Ceremony and how Disney honors our veterans every day. The Flag Retreat Ceremony is incredible. I love being able to watch it!

We get our bags checked, MagicBands scanned, and enter into Magic Kingdom. The sun is so beautiful as it shines down onto the Victorian-styled buildings. It is so beautiful! I can see Cinderella’s Castle as we head down Main Street USA. We stop into the lightly busy Main Street Bakery for a cup of coffee. It is fun seeing every getting sandwiches and bakery items to go with their coffee!

After we got our coffees, I had to go back in for a minute, and as I came out, I could not see my kids anywhere! I scanned faces across the street. Then, I turned and scanned up the street and down the street, but no sign of my kids. So, I stopped, pulled out my phone and texted them. Almost instantly, I hear Tooti’s voice. They had found the cutest little spot to sit and drink coffee. I had to laugh since I thought it was down a ways from here. Plus, they were laughing so hard that I had to think it was funny!

Since there are 3 of us, we walked to find a table where we could sit and have our coffee. As we walk, we pass the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor; it is fun seeing all of the beautiful ice cream creations—some of them even have Mickey ears on them! I pass by a grandma enjoying a milkshake, I had to stop and tell her how cute she is sitting there enjoying her milkshake! She started laughing and got the cutest twinkling eyes. I love seeing the kid come out in everyone here at Disney!

We find a table and take a moment to enjoy our coffee. We talk about our day and what we are up to. As we are talking, I see a young dad bringing 2 of the cute Mickey Ice Cream Cones for his little ones. The little princesses are surprised and begin eating their perfect little treats.

The breeze has a chill to it, but it is nice as we are finishing up. We head back to Main Street USA and see the new Minnie purses through the doorway at the Emporium. Detour! We must see these cute purses, backpacks, and shirts that are now in the Emporium.  I love Minnie Mouse clothes and accessories!

We make our way through the Emporium until we are back on Main Street USA. As we enter into Town Square, I notice a line of people. As we start past them, I hear one of the cast members telling a joke, so I stop and see that there is an empty spot in the line. I step into that spot and ask the young teen if they are in trouble or something. He looked at me, started laughing, and said, “Yes! And my Mom is in this line too!” His mom saw us laughing and he let her in on the joke! She thought that was great. Then, my kids stepped closer and we all had a grand time. Twinkie was giving us some trivia about the cast member’s blue nametag. So, I asked Twinkie to take my spot and ask the cast member about his blue nametag so we could all hear about how he got it and celebrate with him. So, she asked and the cast member had a blast telling us about the story behind his blue nametag (long story short, it means that the cast member is super awesome!). What fun!

Then, I could hear the dance party parade, well, it is called Move it! Shake it! Dance it! Play it! The line of people became the front row and got to see the parade enter into Town Square. Everyone was dancing and having fun, from the little kids to the grandparents!

We checked a few more pins for trading on the way to the Monorail. We had so much fun today enjoying the park and the wonderful people who come to Disney! I love seeing so many folks smiling and I am so glad to help them get family pictures.

Once we arrive at the Transportation and Ticket Center, we begin to walk out to our car, when we glance up to see a rocket and a trail of smoke! We stop for pictures, as we realize that this is the NASA SpaceX launch! A young couple stopped beside me to watch with us, and said that there was a launch today. I thought they both had high voices, until the young man lowered his voice and explained that they had been talking in character voices all day. He wished he could do the voice of Mickey Mouse! We all laughed as he demonstrated his Mickey Mouse voice, and his girlfriend spoke in her best Minnie voice. They were too much fun!

What a fun day at Disney!

Day 149- Epcot, Seagulls and Coffee!

This is an absolutely beautiful day to be at Disney World! The sun is shining as we begin our day! I think we will head for Epcot. It is not too busy as we drive up to the Epcot parking entrance. As we drive onto the parking lot, I can see we are going to park at the far end of this parking row. Once we park, we decide to walk to the park entrance.

As we begin to walk, the family who parked beside us has a little one melting down. I stop and say, “Hi!” and they begin talking about how the little one did not want to ride in his stroller. As we are talking, they mention that they are going to walk and not take the tram since they have 2 strollers that they would need to fold in order to board. I mention that we are going to walk to the entrance too. They were a delightful family to chat with: the mom and dad, their daughters, and the grandkids. I knew they were going to have a wonderful day!

We say our goodbyes, go through the bag check, scan our MagicBands and enter into Epcot! We make our way through the crowds and around Spaceship Earth. We see Starbucks on the right, located in the Fountain View. The lines today are not very long, so we stop and grab a coffee. It is pleasantly warm outside, so I order a Very Berry Hibiscus Refresher with Raspberry Syrup.

As we leave Starbucks, the music is playing, and the big water fountain outside is giving a great show. We head for the World Showcase Lagoon and turn toward Canada.  We notice that the flowers are going in for the annual Flower and Garden Festival that happens March 4th through May 17th.  Can you spot the Hidden Mickey shape in the flowers?

The Canadian Lumberjacks are beginning a show as we walk through Canada. I hear the lead lumberjack let everyone know that there is a Canadian Lumberjack photo opportunity, and see the team strike a pose! Many in the crowd are laughing and taking pictures. It is a really great place to stop and see these Canadian Lumberjacks.

We make our way through Canada and now walk through the United Kingdom. I see Alice greeting guests, and soon we see Mary Poppins signing an autograph book for a little girl. As we walk up toward the bridge to France, we see Cinderella taking pictures with little ones. We have never seen her in this area, and are surprised that Tinkerbell is directly across from her talking to a little girl. It is so much fun to see Alice, Mary Poppins, Cinderella, and Tinkerbell all near the United Kingdom pavilion. After a moment of watching and taking all of this in, we begin to cross the bridge to France.

I stop on the bridge and look across to an area with benches that we have seen regularly, but it is usually packed with people. I told the kids that the benches were empty, but I was not sure how to get down to that area by the water. Twinkie said that she would take the lead and she found the path, past the fish and chips shop, to that little peninsula. We picked a bench and sat for a few minutes as we were greeted by a swarm of seagulls flocking toward us to see if we had brought any tasty snacks that they could snag.

As we sat, we realized that as people tried to bring their food into the area, the seagulls began swooping down and trying to get their food. After several failed attempts by the seagulls, a young couple made it to a bench with their food, just as seagulls swooped down again. I hollered and said that the birds were after their food. The couple laughed and turned toward each other to block the swooping birds. It became even more interesting about 30 minutes later as we heard the gulls squawk. We looked up to see a couple with their child across the way, close to the fish shop, looking out over the water as they were trying to share a fish dinner. The dad waved the seagulls away a few times. The lady swatted a seagull off of the wall and we could hear the swat. Soon, a seagull swooped down, flapping its winds just in front of her face; it even looked like it touched her. We heard them say something about one of the seagulls bothering their child as the dad turned, leaving his fish dinner on the wall. Two seagulls instantly swooped in and grabbed a big fish filet! The dad hollered, and turned to swat at one seagull, when another swooped and grabbed some French fries in a fast swoosh. The dad hollered at the seagulls again as a cast member approached and started talking to them.

We decided that there had been enough action going on, so we walked back up to the walkway, and headed for France. Our mission today is to walk around the World Showcase. It is fun walking “around the world” on such a beautiful day.

We go through France, Morocco, Japan, The American Adventure, Italy, Germany, The Outpost, China, Norway, and Mexico as we finish our 1.1 miles around the World Showcase Lagoon. There are no clouds now, and the sky is so very blue. I enjoyed seeing so many families having fun. Today it seems like there are a lot more grandparents with their families and grandkids. I love seeing the three generations interact. I love seeing grandparents having just as much fun as the kids! As you enjoy your vacation, it’s fun to look around and notice the wonderful families who are here with you. There are some really amazing families enjoying their time here at Epcot today!

Now we make our way back to the park entrance and walk out to our car. It has been a wonderful afternoon. It was so fun seeing all of the characters and countries today!

Day 90- Magic Kingdom

Today is beautiful! It is hot in the sun and chilly in the shade. The breezes are perfect and the sun is shining! We are going to Magic Kingdom and it is so busy. We park near the end of a row and walk to the tram. It is absolutely packed! Just as that one tram loads and takes off, the next one is already pulling up. I hear the tram attendant say, “Stay behind the safety poles and behind the yellow line.” Soon, we are all boarded and waiting for the last stroller to be folded. We hear the safety message and see the next tram ready to pull in behind us. Now we are off to the Ticket and Transportation Center.

The walk up to the Monorail is not so crowded and we are soon heading for Magic Kingdom! It is so fun to see the kids looking for Cinderella’s Castle in the distance, and hearing their happy voices when they spot it. It is crowded, but soon we are in, and can hear the Festival of Fantasy Parade as we enter Main Street USA. People are stopped watching the parade all up and down the street. I think I will grab a coffee at Main Street Bakery and find a place to sit until the parade has passed. After we get our coffees, we find some sunshine and a table. The kids and I have so much fun talking and visiting as we watch the Dream Along with Mickey show.

Now, we are going to make our way to Fantasyland. We stop over to see Gaston as talks to the ladies. There is a grandma meeting him and it is her birthday, so Gaston says, “People, this lady is 29 today!” We all cheer! She is grinning from ear to ear!

As we head for Peter Pan’s Flight, we see the fireworks from the Dream Along with Mickey show; they are so pretty and glittery.

My favorite ride is Peter Pan’s Flight, and we have a FastPass+! We scan our MagicBands and are soon on the ride. When you get in your ship, the cast member sprinkles Pixie Dust on the safety bar to lower it, and soon you are lifting off to be transported to old England. It is so fun to look down on the streets of London. Then, you can see the moon with Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael’s silhouettes passing as shadows on its surface. This is a must-ride for me; it is a shorter ride, but the story and details are beautiful.

Cinderella’s Castle is so beautiful to walk through. The mosaic artwork is breathtaking as it sparkles and glitters.

The Move It! Shake It! Dance It! Play It! Street Party is setting up, and it traffic slows down from here, all the way down Main Street USA. But, it makes it nice for pin trading since we are moving at a slower pace. Twinkie finds a really great Mickey and Minnie pin to trade for.

I see that there are 12 more days until Christmas on the countdown calendar. I need to get a picture with Santa this year!

Until tomorrow! Goodnight!

(Pics coming soon!)

Day 89- Epcot

Tonight is a very chilly, breezy evening, and our destination is Epcot. When the wind blows, the humidity makes the breeze a bit chillier. Instantly, we know we should have grabbed heavier coats… Whoops! We walk to the gates, get our bags checked, and our MagicBands scanned. It is very busy tonight. The fireworks are in about an hour and a half and people are just flooding into the front gates since Epcot has Extra Magic Hours tonight.

I love coming into Epcot and seeing the lights shine on Spaceship Earth, it is so beautiful. I also love all of the palm trees that are around as you walk. They are fabulous.

As we walk, we see the Art of Disney studio, and go in to see all of the artwork. There are sculptures, paintings, sketches, collectables, pins, ornaments, and I even saw a collection of art that kids have brought into the shop; Disney has put each creation into a binder. I looked through the binder and discovered that there are really talented kids who have submitted their creative work. It is so cool when you get to see their talent. How neat! Twinkie even found a pin to trade in the Art of Disney studio.

Then, the kids went off to pin trade and browse MouseGear, while I stopped in at Starbucks for something hot. The lines were so very long, but I waited and got a perfect soy chai tea latte. I sat outside in the breezy night, and soon the kids were back. We are going to make this a short evening and check for pins at a few more places before we call it a night.

We walk back out to the car, drive over to Magic Kingdom’s parking lot, and watch the Very Merry Christmas Party Fireworks. They are so spectacular! There are only a few more days to see these (they are only on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party nights). They are absolutely phenomenal!

(Pics coming soon!)

Day 88- Hollywood Studios and Sci-fi Diner (Picnic Burger!)

What a sunny day! It is cold enough to wear our Mickey sweaters. It is very breezy and a fun day to go to Hollywood Studios. Hollywood Studios is always so exciting to visit! You never know who you will see today; they have so many fun skits that go on down the streets of Hollywood Studios!

When we arrive, it is busy as we get our bags checked, but there is only a short line to scan our MagicBands. I love looking up and seeing the entrance, it is beautiful and there are so many things to see. The Stroller Rental is in a gas station on the right. Too cute!

Baymax is a must find today! Well, we are looking for several things, but the Baymax souvenir mug is at the top of our list. So, we are off to Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater and we find Baymax at the popcorn stand to the left of the giant hat! The kids stop to get one, and I go on to Sci-Fi to check-in. The line to check in at Sci-Fi is usually pretty long, so I wait in line until they can join me, just about the same time I step up to the check-in station. The attendant was very nice when he told us that allergies are of the utmost importance to the chefs and they will take great care to make sure you are taken care of. I like that he was so concerned and made sure that we were comfortable with eating here. It made me feel like they were truly looking out for us.

We check in and go to sit outside until our buzzer goes off. It is a beautiful day to sit with Baymax in hand. A girl came up to us and asked where we got our Baymax. We told her, and she was off to find him! Soon, she came back with her very own Baymax. Yay!

We are called to be seated, and we will be on the second row of cars in our very own 50s car. The waitress is quick to get our drinks and soon the Chef comes out to help us with our order. We are going to get burgers today! I am getting a gluten free cheeseburger, and Tooti and Twinkie are splitting the Picnic Burger.

The movies they play are vintage sci-fi clips, and I remember many of them from my childhood. We watch as we wait a few minutes… and our burgers arrive! OMGoodness, they are out of this world! The buns are toasted and the meat is seared nicely! The french fries are perfect and all of this is gluten free! We didn’t talk much at all as we totally enjoyed the burgers. The Picnic Burger includes the classic burger patty, sauerkraut, grilled onions, and even a hotdog. It is one of the most delicious burgers that the girls have ever had. The Picnic Burger definitely made it onto our favorite dishes list.

After our meal, we are looking for a particular Olaf pin, so we turn down Sunset Boulevard and we see one of the Citizens of Hollywood, hiding behind a map. Twinkie sneaks over and asks if she can take a picture with him. He agrees, so we snap a pic and say, “Thank you!” We check the shops for the pin and head back down Sunset Boulevard. I can hear the Citizens of Hollywood doing one of the street shows, singing the 12 days of Christmas. Paige Turner is singing, “8 handsome men [Lords a leaping], 8 men, oh, I want 8 men, I love men! (Giggle, giggle, snort, giggle!)” The crowd roars with laughter, it is so funny!

We turn the corner and step onto Hollywood Boulevard. I love the Art Deco buildings. Of course, we have to step into a few shops to look for pins on the way to the entrance. It is a beautiful day, a little chilly, but just warm enough with the beautiful sunshine! We are soon on the tram and on our way out to our car. What a wonderful day it has been, very relaxed and fun.