Day 90- Magic Kingdom

Today is beautiful! It is hot in the sun and chilly in the shade. The breezes are perfect and the sun is shining! We are going to Magic Kingdom and it is so busy. We park near the end of a row and walk to the tram. It is absolutely packed! Just as that one tram loads and takes off, the next one is already pulling up. I hear the tram attendant say, “Stay behind the safety poles and behind the yellow line.” Soon, we are all boarded and waiting for the last stroller to be folded. We hear the safety message and see the next tram ready to pull in behind us. Now we are off to the Ticket and Transportation Center.

The walk up to the Monorail is not so crowded and we are soon heading for Magic Kingdom! It is so fun to see the kids looking for Cinderella’s Castle in the distance, and hearing their happy voices when they spot it. It is crowded, but soon we are in, and can hear the Festival of Fantasy Parade as we enter Main Street USA. People are stopped watching the parade all up and down the street. I think I will grab a coffee at Main Street Bakery and find a place to sit until the parade has passed. After we get our coffees, we find some sunshine and a table. The kids and I have so much fun talking and visiting as we watch the Dream Along with Mickey show.

Now, we are going to make our way to Fantasyland. We stop over to see Gaston as talks to the ladies. There is a grandma meeting him and it is her birthday, so Gaston says, “People, this lady is 29 today!” We all cheer! She is grinning from ear to ear!

As we head for Peter Pan’s Flight, we see the fireworks from the Dream Along with Mickey show; they are so pretty and glittery.

My favorite ride is Peter Pan’s Flight, and we have a FastPass+! We scan our MagicBands and are soon on the ride. When you get in your ship, the cast member sprinkles Pixie Dust on the safety bar to lower it, and soon you are lifting off to be transported to old England. It is so fun to look down on the streets of London. Then, you can see the moon with Peter Pan, Wendy, John, and Michael’s silhouettes passing as shadows on its surface. This is a must-ride for me; it is a shorter ride, but the story and details are beautiful.

Cinderella’s Castle is so beautiful to walk through. The mosaic artwork is breathtaking as it sparkles and glitters.

The Move It! Shake It! Dance It! Play It! Street Party is setting up, and it traffic slows down from here, all the way down Main Street USA. But, it makes it nice for pin trading since we are moving at a slower pace. Twinkie finds a really great Mickey and Minnie pin to trade for.

I see that there are 12 more days until Christmas on the countdown calendar. I need to get a picture with Santa this year!

Until tomorrow! Goodnight!

(Pics coming soon!)

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