Day 89- Epcot

Tonight is a very chilly, breezy evening, and our destination is Epcot. When the wind blows, the humidity makes the breeze a bit chillier. Instantly, we know we should have grabbed heavier coats… Whoops! We walk to the gates, get our bags checked, and our MagicBands scanned. It is very busy tonight. The fireworks are in about an hour and a half and people are just flooding into the front gates since Epcot has Extra Magic Hours tonight.

I love coming into Epcot and seeing the lights shine on Spaceship Earth, it is so beautiful. I also love all of the palm trees that are around as you walk. They are fabulous.

As we walk, we see the Art of Disney studio, and go in to see all of the artwork. There are sculptures, paintings, sketches, collectables, pins, ornaments, and I even saw a collection of art that kids have brought into the shop; Disney has put each creation into a binder. I looked through the binder and discovered that there are really talented kids who have submitted their creative work. It is so cool when you get to see their talent. How neat! Twinkie even found a pin to trade in the Art of Disney studio.

Then, the kids went off to pin trade and browse MouseGear, while I stopped in at Starbucks for something hot. The lines were so very long, but I waited and got a perfect soy chai tea latte. I sat outside in the breezy night, and soon the kids were back. We are going to make this a short evening and check for pins at a few more places before we call it a night.

We walk back out to the car, drive over to Magic Kingdom’s parking lot, and watch the Very Merry Christmas Party Fireworks. They are so spectacular! There are only a few more days to see these (they are only on Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party nights). They are absolutely phenomenal!

(Pics coming soon!)

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