Day 151- Magic Kingdom & Maya Grill at Coronado Springs

The sun is shining and the sky is so blue. It is a wonderful day to go to Magic Kingdom! We park and catch the tram to the Transportation and Ticket Center. From there, we decide to take the ferryboat to Magic Kingdom. It is beautiful be on the water and see all of the boats on the Seven Seas Lagoon!

There is a couple standing beside us, near the exit, and I ask them if this is a race to get off of the boat. The husband laughed and said that I would beat him since his scooter is slow! His wife was just laughing and we had a fun chat. Then, one of the skippers joined in and soon, the two men were talking as we disembarked.

We got our bags checked and our MagicBands scanned as we entered into the park. The Festival of Fantasy Parade is coming around Town Square, and Maleficent’s fire-breathing dragon is right there as we walk into the park. As I listen to the music, I look up as the dragon raises her head and literally breathes fire! I stop to get a picture with Goofy; he is so perfectly posed as we sit together on the iron bench. Then, we continue to walk as Mickey and Minnie Mouse round the corner of Main Street USA by the Main Street Confectionary.

The line at Starbucks is not very long, and we soon have our coffees. We walk past the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor. I love this place; there are so many beautifully crafted ice cream masterpieces. We see a table nearby and take a minute to sit and drink our coffee. We enjoy seeing the new construction for the “hub.” I cannot wait to see it finished! It will help with the massive amount of traffic that moves through the area in front of Cinderella’s Castle, and should provide more areas for watching fireworks. The hub is looking very nice, and it will open up the area greatly.

Now, we are off to Pinocchio Village Haus. We still have our coffees, seems the area we were in closes in the afternoon to set up for the Wishes Dessert Party tonight. When we arrive at Pinocchio Village Haus, we see that the balcony outside is open today! We have watched for a while and have not seen it available for seating! It is so cute up there and such a quiet spot in the midst of all the hustle and bustle.

Soon, we finish our coffees and are off to do some pin trading! I got a couple of really cool pins today. The kids got several fun ones, and some we have not seen before! We started here, in front of Pinocchio Village Haus, and then made our way toward Main Street USA. I love trading pins and love the interaction between cast members and pin traders.

The Move It! Shake It! Dance It! Play It! Dance Party is in full swing as we near the front of Cinderella’s Castle. I can hear the music and see the conga line full of young and old alike!

As we make our way back up to the park entrance I notice how beautiful the buildings on Main Street USA are as the sun hits them. We have dinner reservations for Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort this evening.

The Monorail traffic was being redirected to the ferryboat when we left. As we walk to the ferry, we see that is one just leaving, and soon another ferry arrives. We board and move to the front of the boat. It is a wonderful evening, though a bit chilly as we boarded, so I put my coat on. When the sun goes down, it quickly gets chilly here!

We walk to the car and head over to Maya Grill at Coronado Springs Resort. This is quickly becoming one of our favorite places to eat. Their gluten free options are wonderful! We love the option to have potato chips (from Pepper Market) instead of corn chips and hot sauce. We found this out since Twinkie can’t have corn, and they were very accommodating when we asked if it was possible to get potato chips instead. We get the green tortilla soup, and Twinkie gets it without the tortilla chips. It is so very good. I love the way it is served. Tonight we are also having the chicken fajitas. Oh, my! These are perfectly amazing! The flavors are over the top, and so amazingly blended. The grilled vegetables include peppers and onions, and to replace the corn on the side, the chef prepares grilled vegetables and broccoli. The rice is very full of flavor and yet subtle. This is a definite keeper on our list of amazing food! I know their desserts are wonderful, but we’ve had plenty to eat tonight!

We head for the gift shop to see if there are some pins on their pin piñata we might want to trade. Plus, we end up looking at the antenna toppers. There is a Buzz Lightyear that needs a home! We buy him and are on our way. It has been a very different day, we met so many fun people and now, it is time to say goodnight.

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