Day 26- Epcot: Living with the Land & Circle of Life

The day is absolutely gorgeous, a nice breeze and great sunshine! We are driving into the Epcot parking lots on this Friday afternoon and there is a constant stream of cars.  We are directed to the Discover parking lot and it is fairly close, so we walked to the gates.

Our destination is The Land to ride “Living with the Land”. It is a cool boat ride that shows you some of the working greenhouses. There are fish that are also used in their restaurants. It is amazing to hear about how the use the space is used and how much can be grown efficiently with this type of greenhouse. I want to go back through and see it all again, there are so many different kinds of fruits I have not seen before! It is very interesting how they grow some lemons that are 9 pounds. A large variety of fruits and vegetables and lettuces are grown here, too.  Sunshine Seasons and the Garden Grill actually serve some of the produce and fish that are grown here.

The next stop is, Circle of Life: An Environmental Fable. It is a film with Simba and Timon and Pumbaa. It talks about nature and the subject of conservation.

Now, off to Mexico to have Nachos at La Cantina de San Angel Their menu has just changed to have most items gluten free and we can now have most everything on the menu! Tonight, I cannot wait to have nachos! We found seating on the little area over the Lagoon.  As we finish, we are able to give our table to a family waiting to sit at a larger table. It has been a fun Friday evening at Epcot!

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