Day 27- Small World and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Magic Kingdom

Today is Saturday and Magic Kingdom is open until 1AM, with extra magic hours until 3AM. The weather is a hot 94 degrees on this October day, so we are waiting until this evening to go to the park. We arrived at the parking gates about 7PM. There were the two lines for parking tonight and they were both backed up and stopped. That means it is going to be busy.

Yep, I have never parked that far out, but the trams were running on a good schedule. Our Monorail was full; everyone was happy and we were in a good crowd of people. As one was pulling away, another was ready to pull in and load up! Nice! As we arrived at Magic Kingdom, I could see the front gate was very busy and full.

As we went into the park, there was a steady flow of people coming in and a steady flow leaving out of the park.

Our first ride is in an hour, so we decided to get a Dole Whip. We sat near The Magic Carpets of Aladdin to enjoy our vanilla pineapple floats. It is a nice place to sit, not too busy, and a quieter spot to relax for a minute.

We have a FastPass+ for It’s A Small World and the lines are long tonight. I love FastPasses!  Our boat is loaded and we are off. If you look up to the right as your boat takes off, Pinocchio Village Haus restaurant is there and you will see little children waving through the windows overhead, so we wave back and they smile! With it being so busy, we had time as we waited to disembark and began chatting with the family in front of us, and then the family behind us joined it. It was fun, and they were nice! As we exited the boat, the chimes from the Small World clock were going off for the 9PM bells!

With twenty minutes until our next FastPass, we sat on the stone wall near the Prince Charming Regal Carrousel. A lady and her mom sat hear us, and in a few minutes, this little dude walked up. He said that he lost his mom; I listened and the grandma told him not to worry. I jumped up and said, “We can let a cast member know and they will find her [his mom].”  The lady agreed. I turned, and Tooti was already on her way to the cast member that was near Pinocchio Village Haus. The cast member was great! She asked if his mom got lost, and the little boy said, “Yes.” She talked to him for a minute and he was doing well. In just a couple of minutes we heard his name being called and the whole group of us jumped up and pointed his family in the right direction! It was the coolest thing to see the oldest daughter, she was about 9 or 10, and she ran and just wrapped her arms around her now found little brother in the cutest bear hug! Success: child reunited with this family. We could hear his mom yelling for the family and the sister was yelling, “WE FOUND HIM!!!” We were elated; thanks to all of the people that helped! Happy!

Now, it is time for the Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. Tooti asked if we could ride in the front. I love riding in the front, it is not jerky, and it is a smooth ride. At the end of the ride is the Seven Dwarfs’ cottage and you can see Snow White dancing with the Seven Dwarfs around. I love this cottage! Ew! There is the wicked witch at their door. Oh, now we are exiting the Mine Train and the path takes you around to see the other side of the cottage as you exit.

The park is crowded with the late hours, and we are going to head home. As we get to the transportation center and onto the tram, I can hear the fireworks going off, and could see them through a few spaces between the tram station and the monorail area. But, as we head towards the parking lot, I can get glimpses of the fireworks! Beautiful.

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