Day 25- Tokyo Dining at Epcot

Some days life happens.  We are living in a house that was once owned by a Disney Imagineer and we have been intrigued with all of the extra wiring and history of this home. When we had our basic cable put in, it took quite awhile while the technicians figured out all the extras in the network wiring.  Today, we had the security system activated. The technician took a look at the wiring and after a short time, he advised that this is a custom security system. This was going to be a full day’s work and we might have to reschedule. He had spent an hour assessing it, soon I found that he had called in backup and the two of them went into overtime. But, by 5:40 they successfully got our system going, trained me on how it works, and off they went!

We ran and picked up the pups from day school and take them back home, so we have a very short time to go to Disney and pack in some fun!

Three of the parks close early today, so off to Epcot! It is 7:45 p.m. and they are still parking lines of cars. We catch the Tram and head for Epcot. It is just me and Tooti today; Twinkie is at home sick.

We walk to Japan as fast as we can. Our reservation is at 8:00 at Tokyo Dining and this is our first time to eat here. It is a beautiful setting and very elegant, located on the second floor in the Japan Pavilion.

We were seated in a part of the dining area where you can watch the chefs make sushi. It was so nice! We had miso soup, hot green tea and vegetarian sushi made with a special gluten-free soy sauce they have available. It was fun time for both Tooti and me! As we were finishing, we heard the patrons say, “AH!” as Illuminations was starting. We looked and the fireworks were so vivid and bright, they seemed to be so close to the widows, they are beautiful!  We soon were on the porch and could see them so bright and beautiful.  What a wonderful surprise!

I looked out and the whole area is full of people. It is 9:15 and it is time to go home. We had a wonderful relaxed evening and enjoyed our strolling through the sea of people as we walked back our car on aisle 20.  As we got closer to the car, we could see the Not So Scary fireworks going off towards Magic Kingdom and even saw the beautiful finale!  So nice!

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