Day 24- Sugar Ray at Epcot

Epcot is bustling with so many people enjoying the Food and Wine Festival! I am seeing so many families that need someone to take a picture. I love getting to help, and today, people are so happy to have someone to take a picture for them! It is a good day.

We are going to see the Sugar Ray concert in the America Gardens Theatre. My kids are very excited to go and see them! As we head out, it is a hot 92 degrees, and I am hoping those fluffy white clouds will bring a cool breeze. We get in line 50 minutes early and already the line is getting long. As it nears 5PM, they begin seating, and we can sit under the roofed area, on the third row! Yay!

The concert is incredible; Mark McGrath is amazing, he keeps going into the crowd and taking pictures with fans. He is so fun and full of energy; what a great concert! He thanked everyone that he had met during the day for scheduling their vacations around this concert series! This is Sugar Ray’s 5th year to play at Disney World. Very nice.

Epcot is a great place to walk, so we had turned to the left towards Mexico (to walk over to the concert), so now, we turn right to go through the rest of the World Showcase. Once you get to the World Showcase Lagoon, it is 1.1 miles around through all of the countries. If you stop and go into each country, you can add quite a bit to your overall mileage for the day.

We took a detour in France to go to Les Halles Boulangerie Patisserie bakery for a crème brulee. The chef was just caramelizing a tray of these beautiful crème brulees; he smiled as we were taking his picture! We sat for a moment to enjoy our treats.  As we were leaving, we looked through the shop that is just across the way.

It is time to go, and again, on the way out we get to help take pictures for families! It was a wonderful day!

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