Day 9- Epcot

Yay, we are headed for Epcot!  When going to Disney, remember, no matter what day it is, there is a possible rain shower waiting to fall!  Be prepared with rain gear, we choose shoes that can get wet, umbrellas or ponchos.  It is just a way of life here, it rains, it usually clears off and it is sunny again. It is just the way Florida is.

We headed for Epcot in a full-blown gully washer.  Texas way of saying it was a monsoon!  I was told that it rains every day in the summer, but now?  It is hurricane season, so it rains a lot!  We parked in the first parking lot and walked right up to the bag check and right into Epcot.  The rain is still heavy as we get close to the Festival Center.

We looked around at the Ghirardelli Chocolate area while waiting for class to start. They had the most amazing displays (made of chocolate!) that different bakeries around Disney made. It was fascinating!  We had our class and headed out, it was once again raining cats and dogs!

No problem for me, we just headed over to Mexico for dinner. We decided to go to San Angel Inn for dinner and were seated by the water. The food was fabulous! Oh, it is nice to have a light sweater for inside dining, it can get a little chilly.  I loved watching the Gran Fiesta Tour boats glide through the water.  The kids and I got to meet an Imagineer in July for Tooti’s birthday lunch and she called us the “The Three Caballeros”.  If you get to ride the Gran Fiesta Tour ride, be sure to look for Donald Duck, Panchito and Jose’ Cariocas!

We decided to get dessert to go so we could see the fireworks!  Even with the light rain, the fireworks were beautiful.

2 thoughts on “Day 9- Epcot

  1. One year when we had pioneered a church on Cape Cod and we had started home schooling Andrew the home school association did a “field trip” every year that they got at a real low price for all its members… one year it was Disney! 320 each and that included the air fare, hotel for 7 days, a rental car, 5 day pass to Disney, breakfast and supper at the hotel, 7 meals anywhere in Disney, parking/transportation and early passes! Of course that was way back some 18 or more years ago. I told Andrew this is your week to pick and choose what you want to do.

    Well, we got there every day before the park officially opened with our early pass, and we stayed every night and went over to Epcot to see the closing program rain or shire even in rain the whole firework laser light display was awesome! His favorite place was over in MGM at the indoor drive in theater… we loved the bottomless milkshakes~~~ yum!


    • That is a great home school “field trip!” I love the packages for hotel and food, it makes the trip a lot easier! I know Andrew had a blast choosing what he wanted to do that week. The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater is a great place to eat!


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