Day 8- Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom!  Yes, it is a beautiful afternoon at Magic Kingdom.  Oh!  There is Marie, she is just coming out and going to take pictures.  We stopped for our Starbucks on Main Street and then started for the Little Mermaid ride.  As we got closer to Cinderella’s Castle, a man hollered, “Obviously there must be a Starbucks here!”  I said, “Yes, they are located in the Bakery on Main Street.”  Laughter and a shout of thanks and we continued on our way.

I took a minute to enjoy all of the flowers in the Rose Garden. If you are a flower lover, it is a nice spot to rest your eyes and take in the picturesque moment.

We stopped to see the clowns performing near Storybook Circus, then, we scanned our fast passes for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid!  I love this ride.  You sit in a huge seashell and are taken through the most magical ride; you feel as if you are seeing the whole movie in living color.

Next stop is to meet Elsa and Anna in Princess Fairytale Hall.  We got in line and in a few minutes we met the ladies behind us.  Seems we met some fellow Texans!!  The mom shared that they come to the parks several times a year and her daughter runs in the Disney races!  How fun!! I know Tooti has wanted to do a runDisney race for a while. Her daughter-in-law was with them and she had the coolest book that she brought with her for the characters to sign.  I love these ladies!  It as a storybook, and she showed us where Cinderella’s stepsisters had rewritten their part of the story and autographed their page.  I have to find that book…  New project!

 We saw some of the Citizens of Main Street, including the lovely Victorian ladies, Victoria Trumpetto and Beatrice Starr, as well as Fire Chief Smokey Miller!  They are truly a delight to get to talk to!  Mary Poppins was holding a little girl’s hand and walking near the entrance. Beautiful.

God just seems to put the right people in my path. I loved today, even on the way back to the parking lot.  On the monorail, a lady kept kind of peeking around at my kids and me; she looked like she wanted to say something.  So, I said, “Hi, how are you?”  “Fine, thank you!”  Still, she looked like she wanted to talk, so I continued, “Where are you from?”  “Canada!”  “Oh, cool, we have a friend that is from there.  When we take pictures of Canada in Epcot, he always comments!”  That made her laugh and tell me the wonderful blessing her son is.  He and her daughter-in-law are renewing their vows for their 20th anniversary and he brought everyone with them.  Also, her daughter, who is 49, just got married for the first time on Friday, and then Sunday after the wedding they came to Disney!  We got to celebrate the wonderful things that are happening in her life and it is so fun to hear people’s stories!  I love this most of all!

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