Day 10- Hollywood Studios, By way of Epcot

We had an absolutely fun afternoon at Hollywood Studios.  We did take the long way around, but it was a fun trip.  We started at Epcot, parked, and walked 3/4 mile to Rinse. We saw them at the Flower and Garden Festival and a few weeks later picked up some of their natural body products at the America Pavilion in Epcot. Their natural deodorant has become a favorite and it holds up to the FL heat and humidity so well. Today, we picked up some roll-on essential oils, called Thievery, and it smells amazing! Check them out at:!

We grabbed a cup of hot tea and went to catch the boat from Epcot to Hollywood Studios.  As we were walking out the gate, we saw the boat was leaving, so we walked to the Boardwalk to catch it there.  On the way, I saw a mom taking a picture of her daughters.  We stopped and I asked her name; she was so cute.  Her name was “Mae.”  Oh, my!  My daughter met them on Day 7 at Tony’s Town Square!  I love when we run into someone we’ve seen before. Then, we made it to the dock and caught the boat.

When we arrived at Hollywood Studios, we took our picture with the Olaf sand sculpture… smile!

Once inside the gates, our first ride is the Studio Backlot Tour.  We heard they will be closing it and I wanted to see it before it is gone!  The last time we went, Tooti and Twinkie were in the skit, and it was so much fun.  After the skit, you walk through movie prop storage area; it is very interesting.  Outside you catch a ride through the backlot and get to see the behind the scenes of the movie world and some Disney things like costumes and a wood shop. We had half an hour before our FastPass for the Toy Story Midway Mania ride, so we grabbed a quick meal while we waited.

Off to Toy Story Mania!  Oh, look, the Green Army Man!!!  I need a selfie with him!  Thank you!  I love the Army Men!  Toy Story Mania is one of my favorite rides.  I love the 4D ride, it is like being in an immersive video game that spins you around as you try to rack up the most points. A LOT of fun! The lines can be long, so it’s best to try to get a FastPass+ scheduled ahead of time.

Fun time! Then, we were off to catch the boat back to Epcot.  We met a young family whose son will be 5 in a few days and is enjoying his first time to Disney!  Got on the boat and sat at the back, it’s open and you can see all around.  A young family came out from inside the boat and I got to meet them.  We talked a little and their children were so well behaved; you could tell how much they are loved. We landed at Epcot, got off, and headed for the entrance.  Epcot was bustling and so crowded since they have extra magic hours until 11:00pm.  We got to the car and then stopped in the Magic Kingdom parking lot to watch fireworks. A very relaxing day today!

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