Day 12- AMC Downtown Disney 24 and Epcot

We need to go to Downtown Disney and go to the movies to celebrate our 12th day!  Downtown Disney is full of restaurants, shopping, bowling and a movie theatre!  AMC Downtown Disney 24 with Dine-in Theatres!  What? Dine-in Theatres?  Next time we are doing that!  Anyway, we saw Guardians of the Galaxy; loved the detail and the story.

Speaking of stories, I loved the movie Saving Mr. Banks!  I loved the way they showed the kind tenacity of Walt Disney.  He had a dream to produce Mary Poppins, and the patience to wait in order to see it happen.  Then, I also love the movie As Dreamers Do.  It tells the story of Walt Disney’s early years in life.  Walt went through tough times in his early years, tough years; he had such determination.  At the last, he made a move across the country and got into the right place to make his dreams come true.  It is a beautiful and tough story.

After Guardians of the Galaxy, we were off to Epcot. We went to grab a bite to eat. The park is so full of people; it looks like a summer evening! The Food and Wine Festival is bustling. We decide we will go to Sunshine Seasons for supper. It is a good place to eat, the lines are good, the food is good, and it is quick.

After dinner, we headed for the America Pavilion for the concert. The park is really busy, so we decide we are going to forgo the “Eat to the Beat” concert and backtrack and watch Off Kilter play in Canada. It is really cool to hear this band and the kilts are really unique! They will be here until the end of September.

Now to the best part! As we were heading back to the front of the park, we stopped by Guest Relations to upgrade our passes because we are now residents of Florida! Water Parks, here we come!!!

When we were finishing up at Guest Relations, a couple was trying to find Soarin’. We came from that building earlier this evening, so I offered to walk with them for a while and get them pointed in the right direction. I love when you can help people find their way around the park. Finally, we headed out to walk to row 50 and find our car.  What a wonderful night!

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