Day 5- Epcot: International Food and Wine Festival 2014 Opening Day

Epcot!  Yes, finally!  We have looked forward to eating around the world during the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.  It is a really fun experience to have a food tasting for the day.  Once you near the World Showcase Lagoon, the feasting begins!  We arrived a bit early (the food booths open at 11am), so we began with the Festival Center in Future World. Here they not only have merchandise, including shirts, pins, wine and culinary tools, they also host many of the demonstrations and classes that are a part of the schedule.
As we headed to the Festival Center, we saw the Jamming Chefs playing beats on pots and pans. It was so entertaining!

We headed back to the World Showcase, turned right, and began our tasting in Greece.  Be assured, there over 30 different food booths, so bringing someone along to share with is a fun adventure.  Plus, if you split the dishes with a friend, you both get to taste more!

Oh, I totally forgot to stop in France for Guerlain, so we headed back that way…

On the way back to France, we were in Mexico when I saw a couple and asked, “Do you want me to take y’all’s picture?”  The husband said, “No,” but they would take one with me… he took his camera and put it on an extended handle!  I was totally surprised, but we all smiled and took a picture with a wonderful couple!  FUN!  You just never know when a fun new thing will happen…and it’s our first in park, in person tweet from someone! 🙂

On to France! Guerlain has wonderful ladies that make you feel so pampered and so pretty! I love being welcomed by them and having some time to see their newest products.

We will definitely be revisiting the Food and Wine Festival!  Next time, we will get to the World Showcase and start our tasting as we turn left and begin feasting!

Here are some more pictures from our “Taste around the World.”

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