Day 4- Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom!  Wow, love this place.  We parked in the Dinosaur parking lot and caught the tram, a quick trip up to the gates.  First, there is your bag check, as with all parks.  Disney’s security looks through your bag and then lets you in.  Today the young man asked how I was doing, I responded with, “Great!  How are you doing?”  He stopped, almost frozen and said, “If I had called you on the phone, I would have thought you were 15!”  “Wow, thanks!!! Most people that call think I am 5. ‘Is your mom home?’  No!?!”  The people behind me couldn’t help but chuckle!

We scanned our Magic Bands and I honed in on…where is the Vine Lady?  She is beautiful, she is graceful, and she is really tall!  DeVine is my favorite meet and greet in AK!

The Kilimanjaro Safari ride is my other favorite thing to do at Animal Kingdom, but it will have to wait for another day.  We wanted to see the new baby gorilla, born on August 7th.  I love the Africa area of the park. I had to take a minute and really look at Africa, with its cracked streets, the waterway and music.  Then, a hike down the Pangani Forest Expedition Trail and see where the gorillas live and the surroundings are amazingly beautiful… like walking through the jungle.  We found the momma and baby cuddle and hoped to get a glimpse of its little face.  So very sweet!

We found a new place that we haven’t been to: Rafiki’s Planet Watch and the Wildlife Express Train.  Yes, there is a train in Animal Kingdom!  It is so cool to see it with stuff piled on top just like they would in Africa!  It takes you to the Conservation Station.  We looked at the various small monkeys, lizards, bugs, snakes, and petted the Blue-tongued Skink. Fun! They even have a window where you can watch the veterinary staff if they happen to be taking care of animals while you are there.

It was a very nice morning and early afternoon. Before we left, we stopped by the “Gardens Kiosk” where they offer many food allergy friendly treats. Babycakes NYC has a few of our favorites… including donuts! So, we grabbed a gluten-free donut and glass of iced water and hit the trail home.

Tomorrow marks the start of the Epcot International Food and Wine Festival. It’s going to be so much fun!

2 thoughts on “Day 4- Animal Kingdom

  1. wow do you guys plan each day out or just pick a place to go and see what happens? This is so much fun with all the pix etc… inqiuring minds want to know… hahahahah Thanks


    • We pick a park for the day and will often choose FastPass times to go on certain rides… Sometimes, meal time is a last minute or quick decision if we haven’t set a reservation for the day. Beyond that, it’s just fun to see what happens and see where we end up! 🙂


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