Day 75- Sanaa at Kidani Village and Magic Kingdom

Today we are going to have naan at Sanaa at the Animal Kingdom Lodge Villas – Kidani Village. We found that they have perfected gluten free naan! We have eaten here several times and it is a most favorite treat to get to eat here! I cannot wait to taste the 9 different flavors of dips. It is a good thing to have a reservation here, since they can be really busy.

It is really chilly today, so I am glad when we walk into the warmth of Kidani Village. It is absolutely beautiful to see all of the details. This is so fun to see if you visit Kidani Village. It takes me a minute to walk through the lobby and enjoy all of the details of this resort, especially with the festive Christmas decorations. The Christmas tree is so beautiful and wonderfully decorated specifically to go with the African style of Kidani Village.

Also, just past the Christmas tree, you can see the animals through the giant windows. It is a beautiful view. As we walk downstairs to Sanaa, I hear a drum beat. There is an authentic feel to the whole African-themed dining experience. We will be seated in a few minutes, and I am glad for the delay. If you are waiting, there is an outdoor viewing area that is wonderful. You are very close to the giraffes, the wildebeests, the zebras, the cattle, and the various other safari animals. There are also ostriches, and many other birds. It is quite an experience to be that close to the free-roaming animals.

It was about 5-10 minutes when we were called to be seated. Where will we be seated? Yay! Today, we are seated by the windows and it is so much fun!

They have new gluten free menus; this is nice and gives you a minute to see what is available. We have had the lamb shank before and it is an amazing dish. We have had some other ones as well, and they have been out of this world, really wonderful meals. If you are ordering an entree, the chef will come to your table and answer any questions that you might have. However, today we are just having the gluten free naan. It was totally worth the wait, and the dipping sauces are so amazing! We order another round of gluten free naan to finish the dipping sauces with! That is how wonderful the gluten free naan is.

We had fun watching the animals out the windows and the East African Crowned Crane was right outside of the window for most of our lunch.

Now, we go back upstairs. The Kidani Village sitting area is fabulous. I love walking through the lobby, the décor and unique lighting features are absolutely incredible.

Now, we are off to Magic Kingdom for a short visit. We park and hop on the tram. We arrive to the Heroes drop off, and it is not very busy as we walk up to the Monorail. On the Monorail, we have a very nice little family sitting by us, and Tooti compliments the little girl’s pink coat with shiny stars. The little girl loves her coat, she showed us her little black boots with a bow on the side. We giggle and as she is showing us her bracelet, her mom starts laughing. They were so cute.

Soon, we are on Main Street USA and it is very busy. We stepped into Uptown Jewelers to look at some of their new accessories. It is decorated to make it feel like you have stepped back in time. I love seeing the new items they have, the purses, scarves, jewelry, and various other accessories.

As we leave, you can hear the Move It! Shake It! Dance & Play It! music as we go to Starbucks in the Main Street Bakery. Starbucks is filling up quickly, and it takes time to go through the line to order and then wait for our coffee. I mean, it is busy! I haven’t seen it this busy until today. I know the holiday crowd is in full swing with the chilly evening setting in. We checked for FastPasses, but most of the ones available were for later in the evening… Magic Kingdom closes at 1am tonight! We are going to make this a short trip, the temperatures are dropping quickly and the wind is picking up. I am so cold, even with a hot coffee.

We leave Main Street USA and walk up to the Monorail. I enjoyed talking to a family as we waited, they were continuing to Epcot. We have a full car and it is a pleasant ride to the Transportation and Ticket Center.

The tram was pretty full, but there was still room to get on, and we had fun talking to the family who invited us to share the double front row with them. This family was fun! We waved at the little kids who were waving as we pulled away from the station. Part of their family was behind us, and also on the third row back. I asked how many grandparents were on this trip. One said there were four and a great aunt! They all laughed! Then, a grandparent asked a question we are asked often, ”Do you all work for Disney?” No, but we love it!

Day 39- Animal Kingdom & Sanaa

We decided to go to Animal Kingdom today, it is our 39th day in a row! It is a beautiful sunny day as we park and walk to the gate. I love how friendly the people are at Disney and the cast members are so wonderful! We stop at the stroller rental to see their pin stroller, and then go around the Oasis.

We get to Discovery Island and stop to look at the kangaroos! As we watched, there were two male kangaroos sparring! It was so cool to see how they use their tails to balance as they spar and box with each other. Their tails are so very strong as the boxing and balancing is happening. What a wonderful thing to get to see and experience! As I was watching, there was a vulture sitting near the kangaroos, and it looked like it was refereeing; the moment seemed so surreal.

I wanted to find how to get to the other side of the kangaroos. We found the path that wraps around to the other side, and watched the kangaroos hanging out in the shade.

You can hear the music of Africa as we head over the bridge. This evening is cooler with the sun beginning to set.

We walk for a while and as we are going back across the bridge to the Oasis, there are so many birds roosting in the trees. I love seeing so many ibis in one area. If you watch for a short while, they will flutter around and sit on another limb of the trees, or a stalk of bamboo. Beautiful!

Now? I think that Sanaa at Animal Kingdom Lodge would be a great place to get dinner! It is beautiful to see the animals that are right outside. First, you can see them through the windows, and then, you can go out onto a walkway and watch as they eat and move through the large open area. If it is late at night and chilly, there will be a fire in the fire pit.

Gluten Free Naan is our favorite and it has been perfected! You can get the bread service with Gluten Free Naan and 9 different dips. The flavors are so varied and delicious! It is worth the wait, and I cannot wait until we get to go again! Naan! Naan! Naan! Oh, did I say that I love Naan?