Day 72- Hollywood Studios and Star Tours

Today we took our pups to school and it was pouring. I mean, it was raining buckets and the lightning was almost blinding. We decided to ride the storm out and go home until it settles. Once we got home, we found out that there was a tornado warning and over 600 lightning strikes in that storm. The rains were pelting our car windows. I felt for those who were already at Disney and hoped they had a good raincoats! We got about 2.75 inches of rain by 3pm, and it is still raining tonight.

In the late afternoon, we regrouped, and went to Hollywood Studios. The rain has stopped, but when we got off the tram, checked our bags, were scanning our Magic Bands, I overheard two of the cast members reading the 90-100% probability of rain! I didn’t worry; we had our lightweight raincoats for this 78-degree day.

It is beautiful to see all of the art deco style buildings as we walk down Hollywood Boulevard. The backdrop of dark clouds makes the buildings pop with color! The streets are wonderfully busy as we go toward Star Tours.

As we are in line to check into our FastPass at Star Tours, we see the Jedi Training Academy show. After we scan our MagicBands, as we walk up the walkway, we are stopped. We didn’t know why at the moment, but then we saw the Storm Troopers cross in front of us to walk onto the stage! It was so cool to be that close to them. They take the stage and we begin to walk by just as Darth Vader enters the stage! Cool! We got a glimpse of Darth Vader up close!

We have quite a bit of catching up to do as we walk and enter the winding line. Soon, we have made it to the final check in and are directed to line 3, where we listen to the instruction video before the doors open. We get seated and the cast member tells us to put on our 3D glasses. Here we go!

This 3D ride is so much fun. The ride changes for each ride, so you never know exactly where you’re going to fly! This time, there are some of the most interactive people and kids on board. It is so fun to hear them squeal as we dive and soar through space, and finally come to a landing.

I love when you disembark and go into the Tatooine Traders shop. I am amazed at how many new things we see each day! Today there is a young boy trying to get his face lined up for a picture looking like young Obi Wan Kenobi. It is fun to see a cast member quickly help the boy, and soon the picture is done.

As we exited, I thought, “I want a Cherry Coca Cola!” I turn ask Tooti and Twinkie, “Where would I ever find a Cherry Coke? I just got thirsty for a Cherry Cola!” They pondered that for a moment and said there was a place, Tune In Lounge, in the 50s Prime Time Diner. Oh sure, let’s go!

We see a couple of chairs open, so they let me grab one. I ask if they have Cherry Cokes and the bartender says that they do! They were the best Cherry Cokes! I had forgotten how wonderful it is when they make it right there in front of you! They were awesome! Tooti drank hers down and it was refilled instantly! It is a fun place to grab a Cherry Cola! Also, it is a really cute place with the retro design. They have vintage televisions running with old timey shows from the 50s. It looks like you stepped back into the 50s, even the décor and furniture matches the theme!

We walk around Echo Lake to Hollywood Boulevard and see all of the decorated windows. I decide that the skies look like they are going to rain again. We walk through a couple of the shops and see the new things they have this season. There are some really cute scarves, blouses, and Christmas decorations! We have fun looking at the new merchandise on our way to the front entrance.

It is a warm night and we are off to our car before the rain. It was a fun afternoon and this evening is warm, with a nice breeze!

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