Day 66- Dumbo the Flying Elephant at Magic Kingdom

It is a chilly, overcast day, the high is in the mid-50s and windy. We are happy to be going to Magic Kingdom! You never know what fun things can happen in a day at the Walt Disney World Resort. As we enter the properties, we see that there are about a dozen Osceola Wild Turkeys on the golf course! I love the wildlife, and I have never seen so many turkeys at once in the wild.

We arrive at Magic Kingdom and it is lightly busy as we get our bags checked. Tooti and Twinkie both are laughing as they get their bags checked. I chose to go to a different security guard right next to theirs. I said, “Kids!” The security officer laughed as he checked my bag and he suggested I tease them, so I said, “I win!” He laughed!

Our first destination today is Dumbo the Flying Elephant! We weave our way down Main Street USA and turn to go to through Tomorrowland to get to Fantasyland. I looked up and a new thing happened. This young boy, with his pirate outfit and face painted said, “Hello, welcome to Tomorrowland.” This is why I love Disney, he was timid, but greeted us anyway. We said, “Thank you!” and smiled.

We passed through Tomorrowland and on to Fantasyland and Storybook Circus. Dumbo the Flying Elephant is the first ride I remember riding when we went to Disneyland when I was about 4 years old. I love this ride and it is so much fun! As we waited in line, it was so sweet to see parents enjoying the ride as they showed their little ones how to make Dumbo fly and soar higher. Now, it is our turn and we are heading for the Dumbo with the yellow hat like the one Dumbo has on in his movie! Twinkie lets me have the control and we soar!

Now, we are going to find those Anna and Elsa Mickey earhats we just saw on our way to Fantasyland. We found some in Big Top Souvenirs! Tooti wears hers with Elsa facing forward, and Twinkie faces Anna forward. What a great idea, making the ears double sided!

The next FastPass+ is for the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. We have plenty of time, so we go towards Gaston’s Tavern and yes, Gaston is there and we need a picture with him! He is so fun to watch, so be sure to watch the people as they get pictures; it is so fun to see how they react. After we get our picture with Gaston, a lady stops me and asks if I could take her picture with the Gaston fountain and Gaston’s Tavern in the background! Sure! I say yes, and hand it off to Twinkie, something I do often. 😀

And we’re off to Under the Sea- Journey of the Little Mermaid ride! We scan our MagicBands, and there are several people going through. We get in line and let the 3 people go in front of us to be with their family. Then, there were 3 more, then a couple more. A couple of them said that they were fine letting us stay where we were, but, I’d rather a family get to be together. Then, the young dad in front of me said, as their parents were coming around the corner, “There are 17 of us, we usually can’t all get on one ride!” I laughed and said that we had met another family of 17, just last week. He chuckled and then looked puzzled.

After the ride, we went to get some hot coffee, before we headed home. We order and pick up our delicious drinks. As we leave the Main Street Bakery with our Starbucks, we hear the announcement that A Frozen Holiday Wish castle lighting show will be in 5 minutes. We all glance at each other and Twinkie suggests that we watch from the train station balcony! So, we go down Main Street USA, and up the steps to the train station balcony! Listen to the music! Oh, there are not very many people up here at all, so we grab a chair and sit at the front!! “In just a few minutes A Frozen Holiday Wish will begin!” We are so excited. It is beautiful from here! The older grandma in front of us started clapping her hands as the lights on Cinderella’s Castle twinkled and before the full lighting of the castle lights! I love the cheering and the amazement you hear as Cinderella’s Castle is lit for Christmas! There was a little girl to our right, who watched in sheer awe and amazement, the same feelings reflected by the grandmas sitting beside us. It makes me think of this quote by Walt Disney, “Laughter is timeless. Imagination has no age. And dreams are forever.” This is what I see as I see different generations sharing the same wonderful experience.

We are having a great evening, and it is time to go home! 36 days until Christmas is what the Countdown to Christmas sign says tonight! Sweet Dreams Magic Kingdom, Where Dreams Do Come True!

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