Day 62- Beauty and the Beast- Live on Stage at Hollywood Studios

We are enjoying this gorgeous day, and Hollywood Studios is our destination! It is a truly beautiful afternoon. We arrive about 4:15pm and cars are just flowing into the parking lot. The trams are filling up quickly and heading out! The next one pulls up quickly, fills again, and is off to the front gates. The Christmas tree is up in front of the gates; it is absolutely beautiful and so very tall.

We looked at all of the Christmas decorations on the streets and in the stores. They are beautiful. I love the Christmas window decor and how fun it is to already have Christmas music and decorations on Hollywood Boulevard.

Today we came to see Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage! I saw this play at the beginning of summer and fell in love with it. It is spectacular. I get so caught up into the song Belle sings (“Belle”) and you can feel the passion in her voice. It is like the movie comes to life. The dancing is fabulous and I love the characters. Mrs. Potts, Chip, Lumiere, and Clogsworth are larger than life. The Beast? He is great and I love the way he is introduced! Gaston? He is robustly himself.

I would highly suggest that you see this, and listen to your family react as you watch this magnificent play. Beauty and the Beast – Live on Stage is more than I could have dreamed, and more than just a play. The colors of the costumes are so beautiful, spunky, and dreamy.

It was very full, and we were able to get a great seat in the middle, near the front. If you plan to see the show, come early to get a good seat. You can plan ahead and get your FastPass+, too.

After the play we went toward The Magic of Disney Animation building to see if Baymax is still there, and found out that they close the line for him and Hiro at 6pm. We’ll get to see them another day! So, we walked around for a while and enjoyed the cool evening.

We are heading out to catch the tram and there is still a good flow of people arriving, even though there is only about an hour and fifteen minutes left before Hollywood Studios closes for the evening. As we are waiting in line for the tram, we start talking to the family beside us. They were from New York and such a great family.

As we disembark and walk to our car, there are still a lot of cars coming to Hollywood Studios, going to enjoy the last hour of the park tonight. It is a great night!

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