Day 54- Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios

It is a sunny day in Florida! Tonight is the first night of the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights at Hollywood Studios this season. This is an absolute must see, and it is so very spectacular! I cannot wait until tonight at 6pm!

First, we must see the Disney running shoes at the Wine and Dine Half Marathon Health and Fitness expo being held at ESPN Wide World of Sports! We have never been to EPSN. The attendants direct us to park on the grass, then we hike over to the walkway, and make our way up to the various buildings. Oh, look! The Yum Yum cupcake truck! We will have to come back to this! The staff is really organized and have us walking down the stairs into the Expo in Jostens Center. We see the Disney shoe display, including the Minnie Mouse shoes and the Cinderella shoes; it is almost like you can hear the music of wonder… I think I saw glitter and sparkles in the air! Oh, maybe that was just my imagination, but they are beautiful.

Instantly, a lady asks if she can help us. We asked if they had our three different sizes in the Minnie Mouse style. She said, “No!” with a smile. Our mouths dropped open and we were shocked, but not shocked since they are so popular. Then, she said, “Just kidding! I’ll be right back!” We were so glad to see her arms full of shoeboxes. She had Tooti’s shoes and mine. They had some that would work for Twinkie, but it was a half size bigger than usual. We were checking out when the lady came running up with a shoebox—she had found the exact size Twinkie needed! YAY!

Now, off to Hollywood Studios to see the Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights. It is busy at 5:30pm and a lot of people are still arriving! We go toward the giant Mickey hat and the cast members have arrows showing us which way is the best way to go to The Streets of America! We follow the arrows, and soon we are stepping onto The Streets of America. We can hear the band Mud, Sweat, and Shears playing Christmas songs at the end of the street. There are so many people and you can feel the anticipation in the air!

Soon the narrator begins telling us the story of the Osborne Family from Arkansas. I am thinking that this family’s dream of having these fabulous lights on their homes is now in Mr. Walt Disney’s dream at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

The snow begins to magically fall on this warm night, and soon the lights come on! It is fabulous. Next, I feel my eyes tearing up as the music begins (Carol of the Bells by Trans Siberian Orchestra) and the lights dance to Christmas music! It is so beautiful and something that must be experienced! A little baby girl is in her dad’s arms and her little hand is pointing at the angels spinning around on the roof. That is so sweet to see. As you walk down The Streets of America, you will see a side street that is so beautiful and absolutely covered in lights.

Now, we are full of the joy of this upcoming season, Christmas. What a beautiful night!

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