Day 52- A Frozen Holiday Wish arrives at Magic Kingdom!

This evening is the first ever performance of A Frozen Holiday Wish at Magic Kingdom! It features the lighting of Cinderella’s Castle for Christmas, and we want to see the very first one of the season (and the first one ever with Elsa)!

We get to the parking lot and are able to park about five cars down from the tram! Oh, I love when we get to park close. We hop on the tram and once we get to the Transportation and Ticket Center, we catch to the Monorail. We get on the Monorail and the doors close, open, close, open, a few more people hop on, and the doors close. Now, there is an announcement that we are holding for a few moments due to a routine maintenance check. The people waiting to board are redirected to the Resort Monorail that stops at the Resorts and Magic Kingdom. The doors on our Monorail open and close, and open and close, and then open again. We are advised that we will be moving to the Resort Monorail across the way, and Magic Kingdom is the third stop.

So, we exit this Monorail and head across the platform, and wait a moment to board the Resort Monorail. We waited for our turn to board, but all of the cars were full since everyone had been redirected to this Monorail. We walked all the way down, and back to the middle. They just loaded two scooters and there was room for three on the seats, so, I ask the cast member if we could board this car, and he said, “Sure!” Another cast member jumped in our Monorail car just before the doors closed, then we were off and running.

When we were sitting at the second stop (Disney’s Grand Floridian Resort and Spa), we noticed that the other (Express) Monorail was passing us on the left. Tooti said, “Hey, they’re going the wrong way!” We knew it was because the Express Monorail and the Resort Monorails run in opposite directions on their separate tracks. I said, “It’s a race, it’s a race!” Our car began to laugh! As we got to Magic Kingdom, we looked and the other Monorail was still moving as we stopped! The cast member in front of us said, “Looks like we win!” Of course we had to holler, “Yay! We win!!!” as we started clapping; our whole car was cheering and laughing. The cast member thanked us for having such a good attitude about the delay and changing of Monorails. You’re welcome!

Main Street USA looks so beautiful at night! The moon is to the right and it is so beautiful. The Christmas wreaths are beautiful and brightly lit tonight. We have a few minutes before we need to be at Cinderella’s Castle for A Frozen Holiday Wish. Coffee? We stop at the Main Street Bakery for a cup of coffee at Starbucks, and then go to find a place to stand and wait for A Frozen Holiday Wish. We stand near a nice family.

The anticipation is great and there is a lot of chatter about tonight being the first lighting of Cinderella’s Castle this holiday season. The lady behind me talked about how even she is a kid at heart; she is the second person my age that told me that this evening! I love hearing ladies who love to be at Disney, and I love to hear how much Disney means to them.

Oh, listen to the beautiful sounds as A Frozen Holiday Wish begins. I love hearing the audience as Elsa and Anna take the stage. Kristoff is there too, and soon we get our very first glimpse of… OLAF! The crowd goes wild as Olaf, in all his huggable glory, appears on the castle balcony and greets us.

Soon, Elsa lights the castle with ice and snow. There are no words to describe how truly beautiful and fantastic this is, and the awe that falls over the crowd is phenomenal. This is an absolutely magical must see!

We wait a few minutes and step aside as we are waiting for the crowd to disperse a little before we make our way down Main Street USA. Soon, we are on the Ferry Boat back to the Transportation and Ticket Center. It is a warm night and a beautiful evening featuring the first ever performance of A Frozen Holiday Wish.

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