Day 50- Akershus Royal Banquet Hall at Epcot

Today is a sunny day in Florida! Disney’s Epcot parking lot is busy… Oh, look! We are on the very last row, facing away from the other cars! I didn’t even know this row was here! 😀 The parking attendants are alternating, parking cars to the left, and we are to the right!

Now, we cross over to the front of the line of cars, and walk to the tram! We are seated and the family behind us is chatting about their grandson, who decided to walk to the entrance. The dad said that his son thinks he can make it to the front before we make it on the tram. So, I just had to say, “It’s a race!” They chuckled. We watched as we got closer and yes, we won! It was a close race, though; the grandson was about to cross the road and had to stop to let the tram pass, just as we turned. I love hearing fun things like this happening!

We are celebrating our 50th day in a row at Disney! This is a day to celebrate with the Disney Princesses at Akershus Royal Banquet Hall in Norway!  We get to Norway and have a little while to wait, so we go to the Frozen inspired Norsk Kultur Gallery, shop in the Norway shops, and then sit for a minute to enjoy the cool breeze.

Now, we are right on time to get checked in and get in line. It is just a few minutes, and we are called to enter into the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall. We are escorted to get our photo with Belle. She is so beautiful.

We are seated, and soon the chef comes out to let us know what not to eat on the banquet’s “cold buffet.” Our gluten free dinners are ordered and we soon have our first pictures with the princesses at our table.

Our first princess picture is with Cinderella. She is an absolutely beautiful princess and so kind. Quickly, Aurora was chatting with us. She was so cute as she talked with us and took our pictures with her. Then, Ariel was asking us how we liked walking on our legs today. Aren’t legs absolutely wonderful? We giggled and had our pictures taken with her! To my surprise, the most beautiful Snow White touched my shoulder and began asking Twinkie, “Did the bluebirds do your hair today, too?” So cute! What a wonderful experience to get to meet so many princesses today! As we enjoyed a wonderful celebration, our photo with Belle was delivered to our table.

After we finished our delightful meal, we were back on the walkway around the World Showcase, and chatted about how much fun it was to meet all of these princesses. In no time, we were exiting through the front gates. The tram ride was quick and we recognized the driver. Now, we will easily find our car on the last row of the parking lot! 😀

The sky is so blue, with pretty white clouds on this mid-70-degree day! What a fun way to celebrate the 50th day of our 365 at Disney journey.

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