Day 46- Hollywood Studios

It is a spectacular day! The weather is warm during the afternoon, going up to the mid-80s. As soon as the sun begins to set around 5pm, it cools to below 80 degrees. Hollywood Studios is perfectly busy, and so many people enjoying getting here later in the day!

I check with The Hollywood Brown Derby to see if there is walk-up availability. There will be in about an hour, so I thank them and walk outside to see if there is availability at The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge on the patio. Yes, there is a table! I get to enjoy a fun lunch and the beautiful weather. The waitress is super nice and she helps me order a gluten free cobb salad. It is fun watching all of the people go by and seeing all of the families! I love eating outdoors here.

Soon, I am back on Hollywood Boulevard. Oh, wait! I hear the Film Team! They are set up just a short walk down Sunset Boulevard, so I stop to watch. It is so fun watching and hearing them interact with the guests. In the second skit, they pull a man from the audience and say, “Look! It is The Captain on Gilligan’s Island!” Applause erupts and soon they find “Mary Ann” and “Gilligan”. I am standing close to the family of “Gilligan.” The son of “Gilligan” is beaming as his dad is picked to stand on the red carpet. I look again, and he is grinning ear to ear as he is eating his ice cream cone! Then, the Film Team finds “The Rock!”  “The Rock’s” sons are a little dismayed that their dad is being asked to stand on the red carpet. Soon, the older son starts laughing as he hears the Film Team talking to his dad; the boy is about 5, his younger brother, about 3, never loses his frowning eyebrows until his dad is returned to him! The dad? He had a blast being “The Rock!”

Now, I watch a couple more people get chosen to be celebrities, and the funniest was “Colonel Sanders”. It was a very funny and nice moment. I love seeing the interaction of the cast and guests at Disney! Seems the adults were having the most fun, maybe even a little more than the kids!

Well, Hollywood Studios is closing at 7:00pm tonight. It is beautiful, and the sunsets? Please, don’t forget to look at the skies in the evenings. The sunsets are absolutely amazing and vibrant in sunny Florida!

2 thoughts on “Day 46- Hollywood Studios

  1. The year I took Andrew we were in a building where they showed how they do all the special effects… they Chose Andrew to be Gilligan in one skit… in another skit they chose me to be the butler in a 3 stooges clip…. they did not warn me that they would throw a pie in my face!!!! my hair was sticky for the rest of the day… but it all looked so real!!!

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