Day 29- Hollywood Studios

Disney is always at the forefront of our reason for our stories… However, there are some funny things that go on behind the scenes. For instance, Twinkie was sick this week so it gives way for some funny things to happen. Like, Twinkie wanted a cup of hot tea, so she poured the hot water into her cup. She got the tea tin out, read it and set it back into the cabinet, set the timer and when it went off, she looked into her cup and there was no tea bag! hehe!

Sometimes, the funny things that happen aren’t always as funny until the second time around. The next night, I made a cup of Ginger Tea and put the tea bag in the cup, got the pups a treat, sat down and couldn’t find my hot tea.  The next day, I found my cup with the tea bag, and yes, I had forgotten to add water!

Back to today! We are off to Disney’s Hollywood Studios for Columbus Day… I love how organized the parking attendants are, I appreciate their efficiency and they are very helpful. Since we have been going daily, it’s always interesting to see where we park. Some days we are way out there at the very end of the row, and other days we’re only a few cars from the tram or smack dab in the middle. Today, it looked like the line was finished and I would be driving all the way to the very far end.  I began to turn into the lane and she waved me into the very first spot! Right there just steps away from the tram! Then, she filled in the next several spots beside us. YAY! Sometimes special little things like this make the day even better!

The tram was full and we had a jolly ride up to Hollywood Studios! It was busy going through bag check and the lines were busy scanning Magic Bands since there are Extra Magic Hours later tonight.  We started down Hollywood Boulevard; I love the Art Deco buildings, the colors and the beautiful style of that era.

We walked down Sunset Boulevard and people were flooding towards Fantasmic. The theatre was already full and standing room only. FastPasses are available for it, but it is so worth the wait and such a great show if you decided to see it without one! It is a beautiful and fun way to end the evening as you get to see so many characters in one place!

Then, we headed to the Streets of America. The streets are calm and sparsely populated. As we looked down the road, we noticed how many more decorations have been put up this week. I love seeing the Christmas lights being set up ready for that wonderful season!  I wanted to stop by The Writer’s Stop.  Tooti and I had coffee and looked at all of the books. There are a few I am totally going to add to my library… After coffee and looking at some of these books, we start toward the front gates.

In front of Mickey’s giant hat, there was Mulch, Sweat & Shears playing in the center and they are really, really good! The band recently celebrated 10 years of performances together. We stopped and enjoyed their performance and the cool way they brought in their stage! So, very inventive!

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