Day 18- Magic Kingdom

Today was school day for the pups and then I was off to Magic Kingdom for teatime with my kids. The park was bustling with excitement and anticipation. We did see a bunch of what we call “the third day meltdown.” It is that moment in time when little ones are saturated with so much to see and so much fun that their little bodies just cannot handle it! At the moment of the meltdown, it is time to just hold them, cuddle them, and give the kids a moment of quieted hugs. The parents who do that seem to hit a restart button and the kids are off to have fun once again.

We saw the Mayor of Main Street; I have heard about him, but today I got to meet him! It is quite an honor for me.

Then, we went to the Main Street Bakery, got our Starbucks, headed for the Tomorrowland Terrace and had our teatime there. We had a view of Cinderella’s Castle in front of us, Tomorrowland to the right. There was a relaxing, cool breeze as we rested and listened to the Move It! Shake It! Celebrate It! Street Party. The Mad Hatter was dancing today; we don’t always get to see him, but he is really fun to watch! After our nice break, we were off to explore more of Magic Kingdom.

Pirates of the Caribbean is one of our favorite rides. With the sun so bright outside, it is really dark as you walk through the corridors of Pirates! I finally got to see the mermaids in the water! When you exit, the pirate shop is really great to look around in. Twinkie had to check out the pirate hat!

A favorite shop is Ye Olde Christmas Shoppe. They have some really beautiful ornaments, stockings, books, and other holiday items.

We caught the last few minutes of the Dream Along With Mickey Stage Show at Cinderella’s Castle. It is so beautiful and features so many fun characters! It even has a few daytime fireworks!

The Philharmonic Band came out and they are amazing. They played a medley of classic Disney tunes with a marching band twist. Sometimes, they even play fun older songs like, “Tiger Rag (Hold That Tiger).” I love all of the unusual characters and music that you find on Main Street!

It was so sunny and hot today! It was time to go home, so off to the Monorail and Tram to the Heroes parking lot! A beautiful time on a beautiful day!

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