Day 1- Magic Kingdom

The days before our start of 365 days at Disney were filled with total anticipation.  Where will this take us and what does God have in mind to send us on the journey?  I am so excited to see this unfold and glad to get to take you along with us on the ride!

We started our beautiful day going to Magic Kingdom. After you park, there are two options to get to MK- the Monorail or the Ferryboat.  We took the boat ride today and were so excited to see the boat not so full.  Maybe that means there won’t be long lines! We started across the water to see Cinderella’s Castle…  So pretty.  As we disembarked, the lines were pouring into the park from the Monorail, resort busses and the boats, so the area was full of people.

As we entered into Magic Kingdom, the place was bustling with Disney Magic.  Mickey’s signature flowers were out front, pumpkins dotted the landscape and the bustle of excitement is contagious.  Little people coming for the first time; their eyes sparkling with anticipation of what the day will hold.  Lots of families laughing together and making their way to the castle!  There, in front of the castle, was the “Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Parade” dance party going on.


There’s just something about a dancing monkey… or orangutan!
After we watched the conga line start, we headed around Cinderella’s Castle and noticed the line for Merida was much shorter than summertime lines, so we stopped to meet her for the first time!

After Merida, we headed towards Liberty Square and rode the Liberty Belle Riverboat for the first time.  It’s a great way to see Tom Sawyer’s Island and even watch Splash Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad as you pass by.

We then headed off to Pirates of The Caribbean, but the line was quite a bit longer than expected for an “off-season” September day. We did get to see a bit of the Pirate show with Captain Jack Sparrow though!  Next, we decided to pick up one of our favorite treats- DOLE WHIP FLOATS!  They are tasty and even gluten free. 🙂  Twinkie and I like the pineapple and vanilla swirl and Tooti likes the orange and vanilla swirl.  They make the floats with Dole Pineapple Juice instead of soda.  YUM!

We headed towards Main Street to head back to the front gates, but paused to watch the end of the parade on the way out.  The line for the Express Monorail was short and it was a quick trip back to the Ticket & Transportation Center and MK parking lot.

A fun first day!!

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